I always say that the biggest lie I tell myself is "I'll remember that, no need to write it down."  I'm going to tell you a story.   A dear friend of mine came to visit a few years ago.  She is also a lifestyle photographer. She photographed my family while she was visiting. I told her no rush to get back the images, I knew she was busy with clients while traveling. So about 6 months later she sent me a link to my images.  What a gift it was to get that session back 6 months later!!!!  My daughter had since been potty trained, so her bulky pull up under her clothes was gone.  She no longer had her pacifier, my decor had changed, my son had grown so much, my cat had died, (so glad he was in some pictures.)  In such a short time, everything had changed before my very eyes.  Everything is changing constantly.  I am a strong believer in being a historian for your family.  Especially in this day and age when everything is digital.  I think photographing what's real is most important. It's what your kids will want to see later.  If you're looking for someone to capture your authentic life in a way that is attractive, emotive and real, then I'm your girl.